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  • Precautions for the installation of street lamps
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  • Notice of street lamp installation:
    Lamp height
    Height determines the field of view, so choosing the right height determines the lighting view of street lamps.
    1. The installation height of lamps and lanterns must be consistent with the installation height of the same street lamps (luminescent center to the ground height). Small bend lamp, one meter lamp 5-6 meters, ordinary street long arm lamp and chandelier 6.5-7.5 meters fast lane arc lamp not less than 8 meters slow lane arc type not less than 6.5 meters.
    2. The special lamp type is installed according to the design requirements. The height of the lamp is equivalent to the width of the road to be illuminated. When only one side is illuminated, when H L is illuminated on both sides, H L/2 L/2, where H, lamp installation height (m) L: Lu Kuan.
    Elevation angle
    1. The elevation angle of the lamp, the width of the street and the light distribution curve of the lamp decide that the elevation angle of each street should be the same.
    2, when the lamp head is adjustable, the center line of the light source should be in the L/3-1/2 range of the width of the road.
    3. After installing the long arm lamp (or arm lamp) body, the side of the lamp holder should be raised 100 millimeters above the pole.
    4, special lamps and lanterns should be decided according to the light distribution curve.
    Lamps and lanterns part
    1, lamps and lanterns should be firm and correct.
    2, the lampshade should be intact and not broken.
    3. The enamel light umbrella is rusted and the deformed person should be replaced.
    4. The light mirror surface of the lamp is invalid and should be replaced.
    5, the lamp mirror in the transportation, the installation process should not be damaged or deformed, the lampshade should be added rubber ring, the erasing test is bright, the lamp mouth is porcelain broken exposed copper, should be changed.
    6, lamps and lanterns can not be bent, all parts of the fixed screws need to add spring Eyeliner tight, refuse to loose.
    7, the cast iron lamp cap has cracks, and the blocks can not be used, and the rubber is not qualified.
    8, the lamp body hoop should be suitable for poles, and the device should not be too long.
    9. The transparent cover of the lamp body and the reflector should be cleaned and cleaned when it is overhauled. The scene cannot be cleaned and should be replaced.
    10. The retaining ring of the transparent cover should be completely and well used to prevent the application of the drop hood from being reliable.
    11, lamps and lanterns dust-proof felt should be complete, and must be repaired.
    12, the lamp lump and the lamp flange must be equipped with cracks and scars. The screws should be complete. The bolt length should be able to penetrate the lamp flanges.
    13. When a lamp is applied to a bulb with different specifications, the fixed point of the lamp should be adjusted to the same position as the bulb capacity to get the best light distribution curve.
    14, all kinds of iron pieces have no serious corrosion or cracks, scars and so on. Lacquer rust should rust or brush or paint.
    15. The lamp lead should be protected by heat insulation tube (asbestos tube or porcelain tube).
    Erect line
    1, erect leather line should use insulated leather line, copper core declined less than 1.37 mm, aluminum core declined less than 1.76 mm.
    2, when the overhead line is connected with overhead conductors, the two sides of the pole should be overlapped on the two sides of the pole. The lap joint should be 400-600 millimeters away from the center of the pole, and the two sides should be consistent.
    3, vertical line connection power side method
    4. If the leather line exceeds four meters, the support should be fixed in the middle. The insulation strands should be not less than 7/1.0, and the single cross binding method should be issued by the Bureau.
    5, when the main line and the vertical line are different metals, the interphase binding line is used as the transition joint bow, and the longest length of the bow is not more than 100 millimeters.
    6, the leather line should have black binding line to be refused at the insulation support.
    7, when the power line is put out, the plastic pipe should be added to the hole of the iron pipe or ash rod, and the length of the pipe will be less than 200 millimeters.
    8. There is at most one joint in the vertical section of the vertical line. The joints are wound around 5-7 circles and wrapped in adhesive tape.
    9, penetrate the power cord inside the iron pipe and the hole of the rod, and refuse to have a joint.
    10, the vertical line passes through the high voltage line.
    11, from the high voltage leads near the pole changing line, the 7/1.0 insulation strands should be used, and the connection between the main line and the main line should be tied with 30~50 wires.
    12, the road lights should be tightened up and lined up.
    13, the distance between the vertical line and the main line of the street lamp will be below 50 millimeters.
    14 the vertical line power supply bow must be tightened with pliers during construction and maintenance.
    15, capacitors, ballasts each pressing screw, the maximum pressure can be two lines, the bending direction of the wire should be clockwise and pressed with a flat pad.
    16, the zero line of the street lamp is not allowed to be connected with the zero line of the user line, so as to prevent the zero line bow wire from disconnecting from the user's table when the zero line is broken.
    17. The lighting of public toilets shall be implemented according to the standards issued by the Bureau.
    18, long arm lamp (big lantern) horizontal and vertical line in the same bottle tied back, should leave the transition bow.
    1, street lamps must be installed with fuse protection and installed on the fire line.
    2. The lamps and lanterns with ballasts and capacitors must be installed on the outside side of the ballast and the electric melting device.
    3, 250 Watt and below the mercury lamp, incandescent lamp with 5 ampere fuse. The 250 Watt sodium lamp can be used in 7.5 ampere fuse. The 400 - watt sodium lamp uses 10 ampere fuse.
    4, incandescent chandelier should be equipped with two insurance, Pole 10 ampere, lamp holder 5 ampere.
    213 black tie line 1.0M/M 1.5M.
    Long arm lamp
    1, long arm lamp hoop must wear double mother, should be firmly fixed with poles, refused to rotate.
    2, the lamp body should be straight, the screws of each part will be tightened, the angle between the branch line and the lamp body should not be less than 330 degrees, and the body of the lamp must be perpendicular to the road.
    3. After installing the long arm lamp body, the front end should be about 100M/M.
    4, the long arm lamp horizontal line should be tightened.
    5. There must be a transition bow at the junction of the long arm light and the vertical line.
    6, ballast, capacitor and lamp must be installed at the lamp holder.
    Process flow
    Insulation testing, street lamp installation, electrical equipment installation, test, test pressure and self inspection of the electrical system completed and accepted, according to the order of civil construction, do a good job in the buried cable pre embedding tube, and do a good job of preventing the clogging of the pre buried pipe.

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